Monday, October 11, 2010

Randomness from My World

So it is Sunday night and I am once again preparing for the week ahead.I am trying to find the perfect balance between home and work.I work part time outside of the home and of course the work I put into my blog.With all the children and planning a Halloween party now too,I am stressed! I did grab some great finds today for the party,which I will share with you when I load more photos from my phone.

The kids are n a delay tomorrow,they go to school 2 hours late..that means I get to sleep in 2 extra hours! I really hate to sleep in when I have to work though,by the time I eat,shower and get ready it is time to go to work.Blah!

Where I live the whole town revolves around the Pumpkin Show.It is basically a county fair type thing but focused on Pumpkins.Last year I went just to get a pumpkin roll,which I did find,but had to pay 12 dollars for it! This time,I'm getting store bought because I just don't have time to bake more stuff right now.

I am still looking for games and ideas for the Halloween party if anyone has any.
What about you,are you busy lately?

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