Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Walking Dead

Like many people I know,my house is full of Walking Dead fans.My oldest son loves the show and my husband and I watch it too.We have been following it since the beginning,so we never miss a week,even if we have to record it and watch it later.I have to admit,I didn't want to pay the extra for the DVR service,but it has come in handy many times when I would have missed an episode.

This season is a bit fast for me.They skipped over a large gap between leaving the farm and taking over the prison.Laurie went from pencil thin to full term pregnant basically overnight and somehow Andrea was ill and being tended to by Michonne.

I expected someone to die in the prison,but didn't see it being the way it happened.My son bought the books and he tells me things ahead of time,which I hate.The show doesn't follow them exactly,but you have a basic idea of the plot.I figured there would be an issue with Laurie and the baby trying to give birth in a prison with inmates and zombies all around..I didn't see it coming when it did though.That was a sad scene.Poor Carl had to shoot his mom and then didn't even have anyone to comfort him after.Truthfully.wouldn't she still be alive,just passed out from pain and shock.Women have survived worse but I guess she wouldn't have been able to make it anywhere all cut open like that.

Andrea and Michonne are in the community with the Governor until Michonne decides to leave and Andrea doesn't..I expected Andrea to go with her,especially considering the way the books go,but that is not how it happened..or at least not yet.Of course,Andrea doesn't know he has a zombie daughter locked up in his home either.

I won't tell you what I think will happen,but I will say I see a few surprises on the horizon.If you watch the show,who do you think will be standing at the end? Will they all die? Who else is still out there somewhere and just how many more zombies are there?

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