Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Introducing Pinypon and Our Party

My daughter is a fanatic for anything cute and little.She loves small dolls,accessories and play sets the most and has a huge collection of them.This weekend I was able to introduce her and her friends to a new kind of doll called Pinypon at our very own Pinypon party!

We invited some of her friends from school and a few of the girls from the neighborhood to come and discover these new dolls with us.Reagan and I made treats like Hot Chocolate cupcakes and 2 kinds of cookies.

                 The girls all had a snack while we waited for everyone to arrive and get settled.

Next we talked about Pinypon dolls and how they are so fun to play with.Each doll can be broken down into individual parts so the faces,hair,clothes,purses and more are interchangeable.The dolls have two different faces and when you turn the head you have a whole new look.The other face is hidden behind the hair so you can't even tell until you take them apart again.

                                    One of my daughter's friends from school with her Pinypon doll and the Caravan raffle prize.

We hid numbered cards around the rooms and each girl had to find one.They picked their Pinypon by choosing a doll each.We went in order starting with the girl who found the card with #1 on it.The girls wrote their names on their cards after they had all gotten a doll and we dropped them in a hat and drew out a card.

One of my neighbor's has a daughter who won a  Nenuco Newborn Doll.The doll has a sippy cup and uses the potty.Intended for ages 3-6,this was a perfect fit for her.She loved it and couldn't wait to open it.Her mom said she has carried it around every day since so I guess it was a big hit.

Each of the girls at the party received a certificate for participating in our fashion show.I added their name and the name of their doll so they could have a personalized souvenir to keep.I have to admit our show became chaos very quickly.The girls couldn't wait to take apart their dolls and rearrange or trade parts.They all loved adding the push-in pieces to make beautiful hair and clothing accessories too.

All in all we had a great time.I love being the first to know about a fun new toy,game or other item and getting to show the other kids and parents how cool it is.I can spread the word,the kids love having parties all the time and the other moms know who to ask for the newest craze when they need to buy a gift.

You can find Pinypon on Facebook, and Twitter or check out the site for fun activities,games and more!

* I was sent all the items mentioned as a member of  Mom Select in order to host a fantastic party.No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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