Friday, November 30, 2012

New Batman Power Attack Figures

Having two boys,I know all about super heroes and the things that go with them.My boys have been collecting action figures,posters,clothing and anything else they find with their favorite characters on them,for as long as I can remember.My oldest has changed favorites a number of times,but my youngest has been a Batman fan since he was just a little thing.Since we have such a Batman addict in the house,when I was offered the chance to invite a few of their friends and have a Batman party,I knew we had to do it.

We were sent a big box of supplies including plates,cups,napkins,balloons and goody bags for our party.Some of the boys live in the neighborhood and came early so we ate as they arrived and they played with their goody bag treats while we waited for the others.The boys had juice,crackers,chips and pizza bagels to eat,followed by some Batman themed desserts before we started checking out the new toys.

We received a selection of Batman Power Attack figures to share with our guests.There are several different collections in the Power Attack series like Lava Mission,Swamp Mission and more. There was such a large variety that all the boys were able to find one that they liked with ease.We did have a little issue when everyone wanted the Robin figure, so we ended up drawing numbers and picking that way.They were all satisfied with the results and everyone ended up happy.

The new figures were very nice.Each 6-inch figure comes with a weapon and  belongs to a specific group.The costume designs and colors are vibrant and unique to the characters.The figures are nicely built and held up well to a ton of crashing and banging when the boys played with them.We were also sent a few of the deluxe figures to use for raffle prizes.These highly articulated poseable figures also come with weapons and they each perform a signature move for super fighting action.

The guests all went home with a Batman balloon,treat bag and their action figures so they were all very happy boys.Especially the ones who won raffle prizes because they had two new toys! My boys have since mentioned wanting other figures for Christmas,and I have had 2 conversations with parents who didn't attend  the party asking where to snag some for the Holidays.These are sure to be a big item on Wish Lists this year!!

*All party items were provided by my sponsors at Mattel,as a member of Mom Select,to help me host a fabulous party! A big thank you to them for all the help. All opinions are my own.

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