Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Pumpkin Carving Chaos

I try to do special things for my kids whenever I can so of course,we had to carve pumpkins.Instead of being smart and grabbing a carving book or kit,I let them look online for the designs they wanted.Each of them had a big pumpkin for carving and smaller ones they decorated with the push-in pieces-sort of like Mr Potato Head parts.

My daughter wanted the zombie crawling from the first season of The Walking Dead.It took forever to do and you couldn't tell what it was in the light but here it is in the dark.

My youngest son wanted the King Pig from Angry Birds.This one wasn't as hard,but was freehanded from a coloring page because I couldn't find a printable template.

My oldest son drew his own design.This is his representation of the Governor and Michonne from The Walking Dead.I carved it from his drawings and this is what we ended up with.

This was a lot of work and time.I spent hours trying to make them perfect,which never happens,but the kids were happy with them anyway.

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