Wednesday, November 14, 2012

GIfts of Hope with Plan International USA

I just thought I would share something that came in my email today.With the holidays coming,people tend to be in a giving mood and this looked like a great way to spread some love.

Gifts of Love is an organization that provides services to those in need.You select which gift you want to give  by reading what it is for.They have things from medical care to baby blankets,school supplies, clothing,food and more.They even have options like animals,a beehive and plants to help them continue to have a food supply or classes to teach them to farm or how to cook the foods.

This would be a great family project.Selecting a gift to give together teaches children about charity and giving and it makes you feel nice too.

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Anonymous said...

We have supported this agency for 15 years, and they are wonderful. It's a worthy cause and they make sure your donations go where they are intended. Thanks for posting.