Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trick or Treat 2012

My friends daughter Maddie -zombie cheerleader

I always take my kids trick or treating,so this year the plan was no different.We live in an area where there are a bunch of houses,so we usually just stick within a few blocks of home.In the past,my sisters,mom or in-laws have went with us,but this year we didn't make any plans to walk with anyone,so we went by ourselves.
                                                              Gage stopping at a house
I should mention that my husband didn't make it home in time to start with us,so I was stuck trying to get three kids ready in about an hour.He did manage to catch up to us a block or two later.We started at home and headed down the street to the close and familiar neighbors.Of course,it had to be rainy and freezing cold forcing the kids to wear layers under and over their costumes.
                                                       Princess Reagan racking up the loot
We walked for an hour or so before the kids were just too cold.They had enough candy that they didn't care and we went back early.We still had fun and they all enjoyed another round of sugar blasted Halloween fun.

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