Monday, November 19, 2012

Disney Movies Make Great Childhood Memories

When I was a little girl,my grandparents always made sure to include a Disney movie in our gifts.Of course,we would get other things too,but we always knew at least one of the wrapped packages contained a movie. Usually we would get one of the classics like Beauty and The Beast or Cinderella,then we would get whatever new film had been released recently.We knew that if a new Disney Movie was available, then we would be sure to have it on the next holiday.

Sitting down to one of the Top Disney Movies was always a treat for us as kids.My sisters and I would decide which movie to watch,grab blankets and pillows from our rooms,and head to the living room to pig  out,and watch movies.We would watch all the previews and advertisements at the beginning while my mom made us snacks.Usually we had something like popcorn or chips with dip,while other nights she would mix us a delicious Chex mix or bake yummy cookies.Finally,we would all settle down and watch the film,sometimes laughing or crying along with the characters.

Now that I am a mom,I see my kids doing the very same thing.Every time one of them buys or receives a new Disney film,they head into the family room with pillows in hand.Just like when we were small,they all pile together and ask for a snack so they can settle down and enjoy the movie.Just seeing them all lined up together brings back so many memories of my childhood.

When I noticed that my children were following in my footsteps with their love of Disney films,I knew it was a good idea for us to to join the Disney Movie Club.As a member of the club,I keep up on all the new releases,I can grab the old favorites when they are brought out of the vault,and I can redeem the points I earn for cool prizes too.Not to mention I the savings I get by buying multiple movies at a time

With the Holidays already upon us,continuing this childhood tradition is once again in the front of my mind.As I finish making my list this year,I will be sure to add a movie or two for the kids and their next movie night!

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