Saturday, December 1, 2012

Trim Your Tree with Kmart

Tomorrow is December 1st.Can you believe that it is almost Christmas already? It seems like I was  shopping for costumes not that long ago,yet it is already time to start decorating for the Holidays.We have some decorations that go up every year like my singing reindeer and Santa village,but one thing that changes from year to year in our house is the tree.My husband prefers a tree that is all different colors with random ornaments and lights everywhere.I prefer a matching tree with two or three colors and everything coordinating.We couldn't find a way to please us both every time,so we just take turns.One year he gets to do the random chaos and the next we do controlled and pretty.

This year I noticed that we could use some new ornaments for the tree.It seems like some get broken every year and I didn't have all the ones I wanted. I figured this was the perfect chance to try the gift card I received to visit the Kmart Christmas Shop, and I was excited to see what I could find.I have been a fan of Kmart for years,so I am familiar with their prices and products.I love to see what they have for each new season,but for some reason have never really shopped there for Christmas decorations.I guess that is probably because I have to drive a longer distance and never have the time.

I was surprised at the variety of items available in the Kmart Christmas Shop.Not only did they have a ton of ornaments to choose from,but they had a variety of other items too.I noticed some great deals on trees,lights,window clings and more,and they were normal prices too,not just sales or clearance items.

From stockings to tinsel,there are many great items at the Kmart Christmas Shop.Be sure to swing by and see for yourself how many fantastic deals there are!

***I received a gift card as a member of Smiley360,no other compensation was received.All opinions on my blog are my own and may not be the same as anyone else..that's why they are mine.

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