Monday, December 10, 2012

Surgery Update-Check Out My Screws

As you know I had foot surgery about three weeks ago.It has been terribly boring doing nothing but sitting in bed and I am about to go stir crazy.I have had nothing to do but work on my blog,catch up on email and shop.Okay,I will admit that I didn't get much of the first two done,but I did knock quite a few things off my Christmas list while sitting here.You would think it would be a vacation of sorts not being able to walk.I have to have someone bring me everything and don't have to cook or clean.It was nice for the first few days but now I am over it and just want to be out of this bed!

Anyway the point of this post was to show you my screws.My doctor told me I would have 2 big screws,jokingly he said from Home Depot,but I had no idea how big they really were.I feel a bit like a robot with chunks of metal permanently screwed into my bones.

I go back Friday to have the stitches removed and see how it is doing so wish me luck! Maybe I can finally try to walk without the knee walker I have been stuck on for weeks now!

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