Thursday, December 20, 2012

Coupons For The Apocalypse

Just thought I would share some deals from my inbox again.Stock up while you can!!

Fighting Zombies all day can be a real headache:
You're gonna want something to do on those long cold nights:
Don't forget the kiddos, they're our only hope at repopulating the earth:
When your husband is out slaying the walking dead, he needs to smell good:
I hear blood stains are hard to get out of clothes:
And you certainly need to wash off the Zombie guts before dinner:
Snacks. Snacks. And More Snacks. Fighting Zombies is hard work!
Keep the putrid smell of Zombies out of your house (or what's left of it):
Fido and Fluffy can defend the homestead while you're scavenging for food:
Leaves and berries can be bland, sweeten them:
If you take to the seas to escape the Zombie herd, you'll need this: 
Doesn't this stuff last forever?
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:
Where else are you going to store the food you scavenge?!
You do have one of those camp coffee makers right?
And last but not least, you gotta look and smell good in the new world!

I am sharing this as a member of Escalate. No compensation was received.

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