Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas with the In-laws

Our family has too much going on for the holidays and that always means multiple gatherings and events that we have to participate in.We have members on one side who don't like members on another so we have one for my family and one with my husbands.

This year,as always,we went to my in-laws to exchange gifts and have dinner. I made a cookie plate to take and we grabbed a delicious Edwards Pecan Pie to take too. My mother and father-in-law made a nice ham,potatoes with beef and ham gravy,macaroni and cheese,sweet potatoes,rolls,vegetables and chocolate cake.

The food was good,though a little sweet and everyone got their fill by the end of the day.We had a good time and a nice visit with the kids.

 The kids were excited to open presents,so we did that after eating. The girls received new Lalaloopsy dolls,make-up and craft kits and more.

The boys received books,Batman and Captain America Lego sets,Beyblades and an outdoor ball throwing set.

The darling husband  lucked out with a new light for his truck that has a radio and alarm,a work light with mount and an air compressor. I received a Farberware pan set and beads for the Pandora bracelet

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