Friday, December 28, 2012

My Family Christmas

The first of our gatherings this year was held at our home and consisted of my sisters,mother and grandmother.My middle sister had to work but her boyfriend brought her children so we could still visit with them.

 I mentioned before that I was ordering the dinner,or at least the biggest portion of it.I ended up making a turkey and stuffing,cookies,a Butterfinger cake and pasta salad too. the meal turned out pretty well considering we were all running behind that day. I was still icing cookies when guests started to arrive,my grandmother forgot the deviled eggs and stuffed celery at her house and my sisters family was about an hour late..ugh,what a day.

When we finally settled down to eat, we had 5 of the 6 grandchildren sitting at my kitchen nook.The baby was eating with his daddy in the living room,but they were all there anyway. The older kids love being able to eat whatever they want. Normally they don't have as much freedom,but during the holidays it is always an "eat whatever you want" theme.

We exchanged gifts in a flurry of chaos,so I didn't get too many pictures of that.I did manage to snap a few here and there,but not nearly what I wanted. the older kids got gift cards and money this year so they only had a few gifts to open. The younger ones had a blast ripping through theirs and enjoyed playing with their toys after.

Even with the delays and issues,we all love getting together and spending time as a family.I am really close to my niece and nephews and love being able to see them whenever I can.

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