Monday, December 10, 2012

Have You Ever Ordered Christmas Dinner?

For the past few years,since my step-father died,I have been hosting holiday dinners at my home. I can't say this has always been because I wanted to do all the work,but more often because I was able to do it where others weren't. This year,because of my surgery,I will not be able to stand and cook for hours on end. I talked to my mother and grandmother and we decided it would be better to just order a dinner fully cooked from somewhere.

That said,I have no idea where to actually order the meal. I know the grocery stores here make whole meals,although I am not exactly sure what comes with them. Someone mentioned to me that they also do made to order meals at some restaurants like Bob Evans or Golden Corral,but although I eat at both places,I don't know anything about them when it comes to ordering to go.

I guess I will be calling around for dinner details later today to see what I can find for a nice,but not too expensive,family meal.If any of you have done this before,ideas or suggestions are welcome.We have a Kroger and a Carnival Foods here as well as Walmart.There are also Bob Evans,Ponderosa,Golden Corral and KFC options as far as I am told,although the last wouldn't have turkey or ham like we normally have.

I do have a turkey in the freezer,so I am thinking of ordering a ham with the meal and just baking the turkey ans stuffing myself. What do you think? There may be some other option that I am not aware of,so even if you tried somewhere not mentioned,I would still like to know about it!

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