Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Almost Ready For Christmas

Christmas is only a week away.That means time is quickly counting down to finish those last details before it gets too late. If you are anything like me,you probably still have something to do. I am just about finished with all my shopping,and all the gifts so far are wrapped and under the tree,but I am not finished yet.

I have a few gifts on the way and I am working on the mix jars,coffee spoons and other items I am making.I plan to finish those in the next couple of days so I have plenty of time to make cookies and candy too. I am not able to do as much as normal,so we ordered our dinner from a local deli and will be picking it up on Saturday.I guess I should say one of our dinners,since we will be having several between us.

My family will arrive Saturday morning.My sisters and their families,mom and grandmother will all be coming for a meal,gifts and cookie exchange.I am making several kinds of treats including peppermint bark,gingerbread,sugar and peppermint cookies,a few varieties of dipped spoons for coffee and hot cocoa, a yummy Butterfinger cake and whatever else I throw together by then.

On Sunday we will go to my husbands parents home for their dinner and gifts before coming back here to finish whatever isn't ready for our own Christmas traditions at home. My youngest son will go to his fathers family for their first Christmas together ever,so he is excited for that.He will come home late on Christmas Eve to spend the rest of the time with us.We normally give the kids a gift the night before and the rest on Christmas morning.We don't cook a dinner ourselves because we have so much left from our various gatherings,but we will have a big breakfast and spend time playing with gifts or planning our day.

Somewhere in there we might find time to go see lights or throw in a visit or two that wasn't mentioned.The kids have school parties and events and my daughter has Girl Scout obligations too so it will be busy for us the new few days.

What about you? Are you all ready for the celebrations or just ready for it to be over? What is still on your list to do before the day arrives?

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