Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Came to Our House Last Night

I finally got the children to bed about midnight last night...after hours of waiting for the time to come because they were driving me crazy.They were so excited to wake up and open presents that they didn't even want to go to sleep.We finally set out cookies and soft mints for Santa,along with notes from the children and off to bed they went.My oldest son wouldn't go to sleep and kept creeping out of bed to "go to the bathroom" or "get a drink".Finally around 3am the house was quiet and I had time to take a nice,long,hot bath with my new Body Shop Cranberry Bubble Bath.So nice..

I crawled in bed a little after 5 and slept until I was roused from dreamland at a little after 9..ugh.I knew I had to get up though,since we told them they could open their presents when they were all awake.They saw the missing cookies and letters and the new presents under the tree and got a little excited,but when they turned around and saw the picture of Santa standing by our tree and reaching into his bag for gifts..they didn't know what to say.My boys claimed not to believe in Santa last night but after seeing that today,they aren't sure what to think anymore.

How was your Christmas morning? Do your kids still believe in Santa?

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