Monday, December 26, 2011

I am so happy it is all more drama!

I love my family and enjoy getting together with everyone for the holidays.That said,I am so glad it is all over.It never fails,when you get that many people in a confined space for a long period,someone is going to annoy someone else.The younger bunch in my family always seem seem as if they need a drink while the older ones all sit and chat about them.It is all out of love I am sure,but the generation gap is so big between us.The piercings and tattoos always draw comments from at least one person during the day and someone is sure to have an issue with how much cleavage  is showing or who did what at the family dinner.Don't get me wrong,we have a good time,but someone always seems to leave with hurt feelings or a bitter attitude toward the day.

Going to my husbands family is just as bad.They are different in their ways then I am,so it always seems to be something.They cook "country" style,which is usually too salty or just not my thing,so I am always left hungry after a meal.My husband is a twin and it is usually us,his twin brother and his family,their parents and occasionally a few aunts and uncles in the mix.My husbands mother is one of those people who have to have a word in everything.You can be talking about your own children and she thinks she needs to get in her two cents.This irritates the hell out of my sister in law and,because she isn't our mother,we both have issues handling with her.Our husbands,on the other hand,just deal with it because "that is how she has always been".This is always causing conflict in one of our houses when she decided to speak her opinion.We speak back and then she runs to our husbands to complain or try her point with them,You cannot tell this woman no.She will do what she has her mind set on ,even if it is a waster of her time or money.Aside from that,she isn't too bad and i have been trying to go to these things with him instead of staying home like I have the last 2 years.

I am just glad it is all over.I have no more plans and am going to enjoy myself and my family while I have the chance this week.Happy Holidays!


dina vanessa mercado said...

wow!!! its nice to hear that you spent your christmas with your love ones and its a blessing that you have enjoyed your time with them.. have a blessed abd merry christmas!!! following you now..

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3 Giggly Monsters said...

I know exactly how you feel. No matter if we do get togethers with either side something always goes wrong. On my moms side some sisters feel like they aren't getting enough attention and get jealous and on my husbands side his mother is the same way as your mother in law. Thinks she knows everything and you can argue until you are blue in the face and still does no good. I try not to fight with her because usually she says things to my kids that really make me irate but wouldn't it be nice if for just one holiday everything went simple and smooth? Glad you shared now I know I am not the only one that the familys drive batty lol