Monday, December 5, 2011

Diamond Candles Are On My Holiday Wish List!

I love unique items,especially when it comes to giving and receiving gifts.One of the items on my wish list this year are Diamond Candles.

If you have never heard of these interesting candles,you really should check them out.The soy candles are said to have a fantastic aroma and a great burn time.This is a must for all candles to me.The thing that really sets these apart is the fact that each candle conceals a hidden treasure.Simply let the candle burn until you get to the ring hidden inside.The treasure could be worth anywhere from $10 to $5000! No matter which ring you get,you will still have a neat token from your candle and a beautiful ring to wear or gift to someone else.How neat is that!

I am writing this post for a chance to try one of these amazing candles myself.I am so excited for the opportunity to receive one of these and possibly give away one to my readers as well.Wish me luck! If you are a blogger who has never tried these and would like your own chance to review one,simply go here and follow the directions.Good luck to you too!

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