Monday, December 12, 2011

My Tree Troubles

I don't know if I mentioned before,but we took the Christmas decorations out of our shed to put them up last week.We always start with getting the tree up and then decide on lights and decorations for the house.We got out our tree,went through the whole process of bending the branches and getting it to look right and put it in the stand.I noticed that it seemed a little unstable,but figured it was just that we had a live tree last year and it had been awhile since I saw this one.My husband and I started to put the lights on it and it began to lean..and lean..we tried to fix the screws in the stand (it is one of those metal ones) but that didn't help.The stand we had for the live tree was way too big for the base of the artificial tree,so that wouldn't work either.Finally after getting annoyed and taking a break,my wonderful husband says,"Let's just get a new tree for this year."

I hadn't planned to get another tree right now because we are in the middle of remodeling and were planning to grab a bigger one that would fit after we finished with the living room.Then, he tells me Walmart has a white tree with colored lights on sale for $40.I love white trees.Needless to say,within minutes he was on his way to grab one.

Of course,this was for me,so it couldn't be that easy.My husband arrives at Walmart to find they have none of the white trees with colored lights,only the white tree with white lights.Thinking that I wanted colored,he tries to text and call me,which I missed due to chasing after the children for one thing or another.He finally gives up trying to reach me and buys it anyway.As luck would have it,I call him as he is headed home to tell him I wanted colored in response to his text,but instead of taking him up on the offer to go back,I told him to just bring it home.

It was very simple to assemble and within minutes it was standing and had my glittery red tree skirt under it.I decide to finish it later,that was enough for my nerves in one day.It is not as big as I would have gotten,but it is only for this year.Next year my husband will no doubt find something else he wants (Ok that really means me but I have to blame him for something right?)

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