Monday, December 12, 2011

The Post Office Solicits Gifts for Postal Carriers

I received the craziest thing in my mail Saturday.I was flipping through my normal stack of junk,bills,review items,giveaway wins and the other random stuff I get in the mail when I came upon this.I folded over the part that lists the address for their privacy.

I had to go back and read it again to make sure I had read that right.This was a note from the post office,stuck in my mail,with my mail carriers address attached asking me to send them something at Christmas...really? I mean,don't get me wrong,I appreciate getting my mail as much as the next person,especially since I started blogging and entering giveaways,but to be asked to "send a token of my appreciation" and given their address right in my mailbox..that's a little too much of you ask me.What happened to the days of giving gifts because you wanted to instead of because the office,school,church,group or something else is doing so? Not everyone can afford to give to everyone they know for the holidays.

What do you think? Is it just me? Did you get a similar note in your mail this week?


Anonymous said...

Um, that's kind of crazy. Honestly, our mail lady forgets our mail often (we've gotten calls from the post office telling us she forgot to deliver it and that we can come pick it up), gives it to the neighbors, gives us the neighbors mail, and just doesn't do that great of a job. I also don't like being asked for presents. I had a job in the corporate world for 11 years and I was very good at what I did. But rarely did I get a present from a customer at Christmas, lots of cards, but not presents. It would have never occurred to me to ask a customer for a present. If the mail carriers were not getting paid, that would be one thing, but they make good money. I think it's great to leave something for a person whose services you like - I've left gifts for mail carriers in the past- but I don't think it should be solicited. That's just rude.

Hollowsins said...

I agree.I have no issue with giving gifts,cards or whatever,but to be sent this with their name,address and almost seems expected.

Dennis P. Pennington said...

During Christmas season it isnt not an issue for me,,yeah i could give what i have, heartily. And i love to give tho than to receive.