Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Oral B and Crest Mommy Party Experience

As parents,we all make certain choices that work best for us.My sisters are always calling or texting me to ask what I did about this or how I taught the kids to do that,because mine are older.When I was given the opportunity to hold an Oral B House Party,I knew this would be another one of those areas where they wanted my opinion.Getting your children to brush their teeth can be such a headache.My kids never want to brush,but they want to play in the water and spread toothpaste from floor to ceiling.One of their biggest complaints is that brushing is boring or the toothpaste "tastes gross".

I have always tried to keep it interesting with bright colors,fun characters and flavor variety to make my day a little less chaotic.When I received my box from Oral B and Crest as a member of Mommy Parties,                      I was surprised by how many fun items they sent.We received the Cars II DVD,microwave popcorn and movie theater boxes,gift bags for their party favors,tooth brushes,toothpaste,mouth rinse,flossers,gummy vitamins and more.

I was able to make cute little take home bags for each of the guests.We had a wide variety of ages present,so some of the bags had Disney princess and Cars toothbrushes and flossers,while others had Oral B Pro Health.Guests received coupons to save on some of the party items,a sample pack of gummy vitamins,a toothbrush,toothpaste and flossers to take home with them.The Pro Health For me paste is great for kids 2 and older so I don't have to have different tubes pf paste for different kids.That has helped cut down on some of the mess in the kids bathroom.

The kids loved seeing what they had received and because I had marked their names on the bags,the process was smooth and stress free.The little kids loved the characters on their items,which is a super way to keep them interested in brushing.The older kids like the bright colors of their new Pro health For Me brushes.The only complaint I heard was the lack of style for the tween girls.I love the flossers the most of anything in the box.I have always hated the rolls of dental floss that get pulled out,wrapped around something or are impossible to tear.Needless to say,flossing was something that I didn't push as much because it was such a hassle.Now with the Crest Pro Health Floss Picks and Oral B Stages Flossers,this is no longer an issue.The kids can grab a single-use flosser,clean their teeth and drop it in the garbage,no muss!

The kids were excited to watch the movie and eat from their fun popcorn boxes so we settled down to start the show.I enjoyed viewing the movie with them,even if they did talk a bit too much for me.I didn't really think I cared for the first one,but after seeing Cars II,I am a bigger fan than I originally thought.

You can find Oral B on twitter or facebook to find out more,see specials offers and follow the fun every day.Crest is also on twitter and facebook so be sure to follow to find out about the next fun thing going on there.

***All opinions on my blog are my own and may not be the same as anyone else..that's why they are mine.I receive sample items in order to write a fair and honest review.I was provided with a variety of items to share with party guests and try myself.No other form of compensation was received.***

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