Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Are You Watching This Week?

Do you have shows that you just have to watch,or do you just catch whatever happens to be on when you have time to actually watch television? I have a few shows that I really don't like to miss,but seem to still forget them when they are on.Lucky for me,the husband also watches them,so he has them on DVR.

I am a big fan of Sons of Anarchy and loved the new episode tonight...more on that later.

I love The Walking Dead too..I was surprised how this season started,but they are keeping up the suspense at least.I even checked out a few of the webisodes yesterday.

I started watching American Horror Story.This is a really odd show but I am still watching it so,we shall see.

I also watch New Adventures of Old Christine,Storage Wars,American Pickers,Supernatural and Top Shot on a regular basis but thats about it..well and of course my love/hate relationship with The Big Bang Theory.I might watch something else in the background while I'm online,or while I'm going to sleep,but those I try to remember .
What shows do you never miss? Do you record shows to watch later?


Yona said...

I'm interested in catching the American Horror Story. Looks interesting. I also want to start from scratch and see Sons of Anarchy on Netflix...I saw a glimpse of it one night and it got me hooked. The Walking Dead also seems like something I would like. Im glad they are offering it on Netflix and Redbox - I have this weird thing where I can't start watching a series until I am fully caught up.

Hollowsins said...

Yeah,I am like that too..I have been watching them all from the start or have already caught anything that I missed..SOA is the best of the 3 though,so if you had to pick one,it is the one I would choose.