Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Big Bang Theory Drives Me Nuts

Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? When I first started seeing the commercials for it,I thought.."What an ignorant show". I couldn't even bring myself to watch it,it looked that stupid.Then one night I was reading in bed and it came on.Not wanting to get up to change the channel or locate the remote,I just left it there and continued to read.Well I guess I should say tried to read because the stupid show kept distracting me.I couldn't stop watching it to save my life.

The next day I was telling my husband about not being able to change the channel and he laughed at me like I was crazy.I told him to stuff it and went on with my day.For me that was the end of that..the show was stupid and I was done with it..or so I thought.Now it seems like whenever it is on,I just can't stop myself from watching it..watching it and thinking.."What the hell am I doing.. this show sucks".I still hate the show..I mean really, really hate it but,I have found it is so stupid that I have to watch it.I have to see what kind of craziness Sheldon comes up with.I have to watch Penny make the guys look like even bigger dorks than they are.I have to watch little David from Roseanne pretend he is cool when really,he is not.

I really hate this show,but sort of like Hoarders,once it is on I am doomed.So what do you think? Do you watch TBBT? Do you actually like it,or like me,are you drawn to it's ignorance?

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