Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tiny Prints Makes My Card Collection Shine

My husband thinks I am mental.Alright,I will admit he thinks this often,but today he thinks I am mental for talking about where to put our Christmas cards this year.I know it is only Halloween,but I like to be prepared. I  try to figure out where we are putting our tree and holiday decorations before we even get them out of storage.This way I have a game plan and am ready to get started.

I normally put up all my decorations and tree the same day to get it all out of the way.This just leaves me finding places for newly acquired items and of course,for the many Christmas Cards we will get throughout the season.I like to display my cards for everyone to see and usually end up having them around the doorway or across the bar.My kids think I am crazy for putting them all out and leaving them until the holidays are over,but I figure,if people are going to take the time to design and send them,I should take the time to display them.I know I put lots of time into my cards,and I am sure others do as well.

I love browsing through the selections of cards and finding the perfect one for my needs.While browsing the collection at Tiny Prints,I came across some of the new styles for this year.I love these Merry Love Ornament Cards.Not only do you get a lovely card to send,but the recipient gets a cute tree decoration as well.They even come with the ribbons for you to attach before you mail them.
These cute Candy Cane Square Cards are perfect for using with that special holiday photo.You get a great card with your own photo and message in a compact little square.I like original cards,so these are examples of some I might select for myself. There are more traditional cards, flat cards and  even tri-fold cards, to allow everyone something that suits them

There are many more styles and designs to choose from,and the filters make browsing super easy too.Visit Tiny Prints to find the perfect card for your family this holiday season.

* I will receive a code to purchase my own cards as a thank you for posting this review.I have used Tiny Prints in the past and the opinions are my own.No other form of compensation was received and my review was not influenced by receiving the code.

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