Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can You Say Idiots?

I am sure by now most everyone has heard of the animal slaughter in Ohio this past week.I am also sure that plenty of people don't agree with what I am about to say.Keep in mind that I live around 2 hours away..which isn't really that far considering the speed of some of those animals,and have family that live much closer than that.

What those people did to those animals was disgusting.This was such a useless waste of animal life. I don't know which is worse...

Those ignorant ass redneck cops riding around in the back of pickup trucks hunting those animals with night vision goggles..really?

The fact that they had already warned people to stay inside and could have spent more time actually trying to catch the animals instead of shooting them on sight.

That there are not one, but 2 zoos within a decent distance who could have helped,had they been notified as soon as it happened.

The fact that they started shooting the animals who were still inside the living area when the first responders arrived..no questions,no plans just all out murder as soon as they arrived because they needed to "get inside".

Or the fact that not one of those animals attacked anyone.

They were shooting those animals with hand guns and laughing about it all the way.I live not too far from there myself and these are all things that were either mentioned on the local news as the event unfolded or repeated by the people involved.I call it disgusting and think every one those inbred,ignorant slobbering idiots should be fired,fined and thrown in jail.As for the sherriff..I would love to do to him what he did to those poor defenseless beauties.This is the most disgusting act I have ever seen involving animals.Had the animal control people done their jobs the multiple times they had been to the farm,those poor creatures wouldn't have been here to be let loose in the first place.I am so sick of hearing people bitch and moan about how they could have killed people..the fact remains that they didn't.Not one person was harmed directly by those animals..not one,yet they felt it ok to slaughter them like it was nothing.Sick ..just sick.

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3 Giggly Monsters said...

That is so sad. That is animal cruelty to the max.