Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toilet Tattoos Add Zing to Your Throne

Have you ever decorated your bathroom and not been quite happy with it? Yeah, you can change the tile,buy new curtains and paint, but what can you do about that ugly toilet? Let's be honest,all toilets are ugly,even if they are brand new.Toilet Tattoos can help you with that.They have a huge variety of self cling toilet seat covers that can add a little appeal to your commode.The hygienic,removable appliques are made from electrostatic vinyl film so they easily wipe clean and are reusable too.
I decided to select a tattoo for the bathroom in my bedroom,which we just painted a stunning shade of grey.I selected the Fields of Gray tattoo because I figured it would match the rest of the decor and boy was I right! This one little thing makes a big difference in how my toilet looks,as long as I can convince the husband to keep the darn seat down!

These appliques are really easy to apply.Simply peel the Toilet Tattoo off the backing,align on your seat and press down.I started at the rear and worked toward the front to get it perfectly aligned with no creases.So far there have been no problems with my Toilet Tattoo.I did notice a slight wrinkling the other day,but I think that was due to me leaving the window opened when it rained.The toilet is right next to the window and I think it gathered a little excess moisture.

There is a huge selection of designs available.The offer Holiday designs ,Seasonal characters and many more.I like some of the Artistic Canvas choices like this beautiful deer design.

Toilet Tattoos even offers potty training designs for the little ones!
If you are looking for a little something extra in your bathroom,a training tool for your toddler,or just a pretty picture to look at while cleaning,check out the many designs available at Toilet Tattoos!

*I was given the mentioned product to assist in my review.The honest opinions are my own and not influenced by,or required for,receiving products.

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