Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I love Halloween..I know I have said that before.I just really,really,love Halloween! Have you started shopping for costumes this year? I always start looking early so I can get the perfect costumes for the kids.This year Princess Reagan started out wanting to be the Candyland Princess.We had the costume and just needed to add the accessories when she found a black gown and rainbow metallic witch hat in my costume tote,and now she wants to be a "beautiful witch" as she put it.I will have photos of them in costume after we do our Halloween activities,but for mow,I wanted to show you some of what we purchased.

My oldest son,Monster G wanted to be Jason from the Friday the 13th movies.I found this costume on amazon.It is actually an adult size but I wanted the shirt to be big and sloppy looking .He was thrilled when he came home from school to this package.It includes the mask,machete and shirt,plus we got  stage blood and scar tissue makeup to add a little extra gore.

Monster A,my other son, is going to be a Star Wars ARF Trooper.You can find my review of this costume in my Halloween reviews.I purchased this blaster weapon complete with sound to finish off his outfit.Now I just need to get witch shoes and tights for the princess and we are finished..woo-hoo!

What about you? Do you have all the Halloween costume items you need this year,or are you running out last minute to finish?

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