Friday, October 21, 2011

My Style With Princess Reagan #1

My daughter has asked to join in my blog.Because she is 5,there isn't a whole lot she can do to contribute,but together,we have decided to do My Style With Princess Reagan posts.These are just for fun and Reagan will be showing off her style of the day.I am not sure we will do these every day,but I will try to do as many as I get a chance to do.Keep in mind,these outfits are all chosen by her and are what she actually wears each day.I have a few outfits already photographed,so I will share those first before I start new ones.

This is one of Reagans outfits from last week.
This includes her black velvet skirt,Rapunzel shirt,Strawberry Shortcake jacket and her Capezio tap shoes that she insists on wearing every chance she gets..

Playing at the park after the boys got off the school bus..

She wanted me to include this one because it has her brothers in it and she thinks it looks cool with the color effects from the My Touch 4G.

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