Sunday, September 12, 2010

Movies and My Wicked Childrens Names

I was sitting her answering a giveaway question about favorite movies at Jolly Mom when I got to thinking..have I ever told you about how I named my children? I don't believe I have and if I did,it has been awhile,so here goes.

My oldest is named Gage.Gage was supposed to be a girl clear up to the moment the doctor said,"Meet your son" From the time I was about 12 or so,I had planned to name my son Gage,so when he was born a boy (not a girl)..I already knew his name.If you haven't figured it out yet,Gage is named after the darling little blond undead child in Pet Sematary (the original of course)

Next is my darling Aiden Malachi.This one actually took me awhile.I changed it over and over and eventually came to a decision.Aiden is from The Ring (only I spelled it with an e instead of an a).
He is the cute little boy whose mother finds Samara's body in the well.

Malachi is the demonic child killer in Children of the Corn

Last but certainly not least ..Princess Reagan.This was the name I had chosen for my first daughter..until she turned out to be my Gage.I went back and forth with using that name but in the end,I couldn't help myself.Reagan is of course the possessed girl in The Exorcist

I know this may seem weird to you..hell it's weird to me,but I love my kids and their names and wouldn't change them for anything.

How did or will you chose your kids names?

 Have A Great Day


Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

Love the story behind your kids names :D

I had names I wanted for all of mine too but my husband was stubborn and he basically chose the names of my first 3.

He let me choose the name for my youngest though, I named her Tiana which means Fairy Queen :D

Lucky's Luna said...

I love naming children after fictional characters, way more fun than real people! I actually had a boyfriend who said if he ever had a son he'd want to name him Gage after Pet Sematary. I think if/when I have kids I'd name them after characters from my favorite tv/movies/books!