Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kids Are Strange

My youngest son came home from school today and told me the strangest thing.We were talking about the items I had gotten them at the store today for their school lunches and Aiden said,"Mom,can you just get us regular stuff for awhile?"

I thought about this for a second and had to ask,"What do you mean,regular stuff?"

His reply,"Well you get us all this cool stuff and the other kids want to know why they don't have that and where I got it and after I answer all the questions,I don't have enough time to eat all my food"

Mind you,my kids are picky..very picky.I have made it a point to always give them a variety of items for every meal.I have the added benefit of being a product reviewer and entering giveaways on other blogs,which allows me to give them even more variety.This week they had Smiley Cookies, twisted Go-Gurt and Custom Halloween Lollipops from my Etsy review/giveaway.While they enjoy the fun stuff they get,they don't enjoy the jealousy it gets from the other kids.

I wonder how long they will want "regular stuff"? I just know if I do as they ask, in a matter of days they will be complaining that they don't have anything cool in their lunches.Kids..I love them but they kill me!

Do your kids like "regular stuff" or would they rather have the variety?

Have A Great Day


Henrietta said...

My daughter is so stinkin picky when it comes to lunch too! She gets normal stuff and sometimes a special treat like a new thing we're trying out. Half the time it all comes back uneaten. Drives me bonkers!

hollowsins said...

LOL..I know my son is famous for eating the snack portion and not the healthy one.I try to make it up at dinner where they have to eat their veggies.