Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Buggin out With Hex Bug Nano

My boys love anything to do with bugs.I know most boys probably do the same things but it still creeps me out.I have been shown every kind of bug known to man by one of the boys.I have bought bug habitats,tattoos,clothes and more.When I told them they were going to host a bug party..they freaked!

Thanks to Mom Select I was chosen to have a Hex Bug Nano Party.When I received the amazing party pack,I couldn't wait to show the boys.Gage and baby Kaiden liked that the box even had Hex bugs on it.

The box was filled with pieces of track to build with,30 Hex Bugs and extra batteries.

We tried most of the recipes included with the kit for refreshments.We had bug juice with butterflies for the girls,dirt cake in a bucket,fruit caterpillars,ants on a log and more.

We set up a big track for the kids to play and then smaller tracks for 1 on 1 races where we gave out prizes.

The kids liked chasing their bugs around.The only complaint I heard was they wanted more colors to chose from.Given that there were over 10 kids here,plus adults,I would say that is still a raving review!!
My favorite thing about the track is that once you have it together,it stays together.I hate when tracks come apart while using them.
We had no problems assembling this and it was easy to take back apart.You can build so many different tracks using the same set of pieces.We have used these a few times now and every time it is different.If you are looking for a great gift for that special kid in your life try the Bridge Battle Set.This comes with 2 rare bugs and track as well.
The kids all loved getting their own Hex Bugs.We had a couple kids who had never tried them,so they were especially thrilled and we sent some home for their little brother as well.The party was a is the talk of grade school this week.I am the cool mom at the bus you to hex bugs and Mom Select for letting us be part of this!

I was not compensated for this post.I received the party pack as a member of Mom Select in order to help with the party.The opinions are those of my family and our guests.
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