Saturday, September 18, 2010

Decorating for Halloween

In honor of Halloween Havoc,I thought I would tell you about my decorating this year.I  always have white icicle lights with alien head covers hanging from the long strands.I put these up around the deck in the front.I have Frankenstein,a witch and a tombstone lawn decorations as well as leaf bags with a tombstone,a ghost and the rugrats characters on them.I put all this up today with the kids.I need to get pictures when the lighting is better.

I also have a big cherry type tree in the front with pumpkin and ghost small leaf bags tied into it.I have a big Frankenstein door cover ans window clings of spiders and ghosts.I still have to finish the black webbing everywhere and put up things indoors but at least I got a start today!

I will finish the details and add pics soon.
Have A Great Day

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