Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Art Gallery For Kids Art Frames Are Fantastic!

My daughter is a big fan of creating unique works of art. She is always bringing me pictures she drew, painted or colored to hang on the refrigerator. Unfortunately, there is just not enough room on there to hang every one she makes. I would pack them away in the box I keep for that, but then she complains that I don't leave them out long enough. Can you say DIVA!

 Last week, we received the neatest item for review. It not only shows off her artwork, but it saves it too. The My Art Gallery frame kit is one of the most original products we have seen. It features three individual frames for displaying your artwork. You simply slide your drawing into the frame and you have a beautiful work of art. What makes it unique is that when you have a new picture to display, you just slide it into the frame, right in front of the previous one. You now have both drawings saved and a new one on display, all in the same unit. Each of the three frames have this ability, allowing you to save up to 35 pictures per frame, for a total of 105 pieces of art!

Each of the frames have slots on the back for the little stands. They just slide in and instantly become props for display. The frames can be turned on both sides too, so you can show off your photos in different ways. The clear cover allows easy viewing of the art inside, while protecting it from splashing or spills.

As if that wasn't cool enough, the My Art Gallery system combines together to make an awesome hanging multi frame. The individual frames can be hooked together using the provided straps. There is a top piece that says "My Art Gallery" which you can hang the series of frames from. Plus, it features a small space for an actual photo of your artist for a personalized look that can hold 10-15 photos. This piece is magnetic on the back and attaches securely to your fridge making an instant hanging display. You can attach one, two or all three frames to it for multiple viewing, or chose to attach just one or two and use the others as standing frames. Because they can be attached and separated individually, this can be switched as often as you like.

The My Art Gallery For Kids system is available in black, green and pink. It comes in a cute sturdy box too, that you keep and use to store the old artwork when your frames are full. This allows you to save the completed pictures forever and keep using your frames over and over again.

This neat system isn't limited to kids either. You can use this to display your own works of art or keep it in your office or cubicle at work. It makes a great gift for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or anyone who wants to proudly display their favorite drawings, paintings and more. 

*This was brought to you by and My Art Gallery For Kids. I received a sample item for review purposes. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are my own.

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