Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Legs Party with Skintimate Raspberry Rain Shave Gel

I hate shaving. I hate the process of having to lather everything and take so much time to try and remove every last little hair from all those places I don't want hair to be. I hate searching for something that leaves me feeling soft and smooth after using it, instead of bumpy and irritated.

  Thanks to Crowdtap and my host package for the Skintimate Shave Party, I was able to try the new Raspberry Rain shave gel. This great smelling shave gel allows me to shave where I need to without smelling like a man after. I love the lather you get from it and how easily it applies.

I quickly realized that you only need a small amount of this gel to shave a large area. I applied it the first time thinking I would need a lot to cover my entire leg, boy was I wrong. The girls were laughing because I had enough to do several legs and the more I tried to spread it around, the more it foamed. I had to wipe my leg with a towel and try again, there was so much of it!

We loved that this left our skin with a moist, silky feel after using. None of the guests who tried it had any complaints and several of them mentioned grabbing this the next time they were out. I didn't have any samples left when we finished either, so I guess it was a hit!

We used the cute Schick Quattro razors that were included in our package. Each of the ladies got to keep theirs to take home too along with their Skintimate sample. 

Because this was a girls party, we decided to include our daughters, or the ones who were old enough to participate. Part of the evening included painting our nails and doing pedicures, the girls had a blast with that! They loved the cute pink color we were sent and used it as well as several others from our collection to make their own looks. 

Thanks to Crowdtap for supplying the samples to share with my guests!! All opinions are my own.

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Crowdtap said...

Looks like fun, Amanda!