Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top 10 halloween costumes for baby on a cold night-Guest Post

A baby’s first Halloween is a very important time. You want your child to experience this holiday, but you also want to keep him or her warm. Halloween is typically a cold day, and you don’t want your child to get sick. While you can modify almost any costume to make it warmer, there are some costumes that are easier to work with. This list will help you find the best costume to keep your baby warm. Most of these costumes are good for boys and girls.

Fuzzy Monster
Fuzzy monster costumes are great for babies. Your child will look incredibly cute wearing a big monster costume, and there is plenty of room underneath so that you can place thicker clothes inside the costume. Not only that, but the fuzziness of the costume will usually provide some warmth. These costumes typically come in a variety of colors for boys and girls.

A pumpkin costume is another costume that looks cute, and there should be enough room underneath the costume for additional clothes. Pumpkins are supposed to look thick and plump, and filling out the costume with extra clothing will actually make the costume look better. There are typically loose and tight pumpkin costumes. It’s better to go with looser ones for this purpose.

You don’t even need to buy a full devil costume if you have the right clothes. You can just buy the devil horns and then put some thick red clothes on your child. This is the perfect costume because it allows your child to look cute for Halloween, and you can easily keep your child warm the whole night.

Animal Costumes
Almost any animal costume will be perfect if you want to keep your child warm. They are fuzzy, there’s a lot of room for extra clothing and they are typically unisex. There are also a lot of costumes to choose from. You can choose a monkey, lion or a tiger. If the costume is big and fuzzy, then it’s perfect for keeping your child warm.

Dragon’s are supposed to look big and scary, and you can do just that by bundling some clothes underneath the costume. These costumes typically have lots of room, and they can keep your child warm even if you don’t add any extra clothes.

Superheroes are strong and powerful, and bulking up the costume is going to help your baby look even cuter. While there are many more hero costumes for boys, there are a few costumes that girls can take advantage of. Most of these costumes also have a cape, and you can wrap your child in it to warm him or her.

Dinosaurs are perfect because they are big, and the costume will typically cover everything on your child except his or her face. There are many dinosaurs to choose from, and almost every child will love being a dinosaur.

A pirate might seem a little odd because these costumes are typically thinner than others, but you can easily add some thicker clothes underneath that won’t be noticed. Pirate costumes often have several different pieces, and they will cover your child very well if it’s a cold night.

Flower costumes typically come with a large head of petals and a thick costume for the body. This is similar to the devil costume because you can easily buy a flower hat and then cover your child in thick green clothing. If you have a younger child, then you can easily find a unisex costume.

The last costume on the list is an astronaut. Most astronaut costumes come with thick orange or red jumpsuits, and you can put a lot of clothes under the jumpsuit that no one will see.

There are a lot of costumes that are perfect for babies on their first Halloween. If you don’t like the ones above, then you can easily modify almost any other costume to keep your child warm. Just look for costumes that are thick or loose, and put some clothing underneath. You should have no problems keeping your child warm and healthy on this cold October night.

Author Bio

Kelly Anderson is a blogger for the Organic Baby Nook website; keeping families informed about the best options for baby. 


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