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Tips for shopping for Halloween costumes online -Guest Post

Every year, as Halloween approaches, the big question looms – what are you going to be for Halloween? Whether you are shopping for costumes for your kids or you need one for yourself, an increasing number of people are using the Internet for costume shopping. It’s a choice that keeps you out of crowded stores and it also increases your costume choice. You don’t have to run all over town, wasting time and gas when the store you initially visited doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Finding a Halloween costume online is easy when you follow a few tips.

Start Early

The earlier you start shopping for costumes, the better off you’ll be. The early shopper has the best choice of size and variety. They also have time to choose the cheapest shipping method and the flexibility to make an exchange if the costume isn’t exactly what they expected. It may be hard to start thinking about shopping for a Halloween costume in late September or early October, but it can save you money and a lot of stress.

Review the Size Chart

Most online stores that sell Halloween costumes feature a sizing chart. Depending upon the company that runs the website, this may be a comprehensive chart that covers all of the costumes they sell. Most websites sell costumes from a number of different manufacturers, and this means that each one has a different size chart. Never leave the size up to chance. By taking your time to order the right size, you’re minimizing the possibility that you’ll have to make an exchange later.

When in doubt, get out the measuring tape and try to be as accurate as possible. If your child seems to be in between two sizes, it’s generally advisable to go with the larger size. Most Halloween costumes are not built to last. A size that’s a little too small will be much easier to tear than one that is slightly too large. If you allow yourself enough time, you can always use needle and thread to take up a hem or make other minor adjustments before the big night.

Look for Accessories

Before putting a costume in your virtual shopping basket, make certain that you understand exactly what you’re getting. Read the detailed description of the costume to see what’s included, and carefully consider whether you’ll need any accessories or props to go with the costume. Most online Halloween shops will have a full selection of items to go with your costume. If you buy several pieces in one transaction, you may qualify for free or at least cheaper shipping. It makes sense to order everything from one website so that you don’t have to pay multiple shipping charges and then be on the lookout for several packages in the mail. Keep things simple by purchasing a costume and accessories from the same website.

Read the Fine Print

Each website has its own set of return and shipping policies. Make sure you understand the policy before you click buy. As you go through the checkout process, pay attention to the different shipping methods that are available. If you’re shopping early, you can go for the cheapest, slowest delivery method. Last minute shoppers may be forced to pay a premium for quick shipping.

Retail websites generally feature clear return policies. Even if you think that the chances of needing to return a costume are remote, take a moment to go over the policy. It might be worthwhile to spend a few dollars more at a website with a generous return and exchange policy if the alternative website does not accept returns or has a policy that seems needlessly complicated.

Don’t Wait to Try on the Costume

As soon as the costume arrives, have your child try it on. You’ll be able to identify any potential issues with plenty of time to spare. It’s never a good idea to wait until Halloween night to give the costume a thorough inspection for quality and size. Planning ahead can save you and your child a great deal of stress and heartache.

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