Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Cosi Experience

Last week we finally had the time to take the family to Cosi in Columbus,Ohio.I remember going there as a child,but it has changed dramatically since then. Cosi ,Center for Science and Industry, is full of family-friendly fun and activities.They offer special functions,movies and events throughout the year to blend fun and learning into one exciting adventure.

The first stop on our Cosi trip was the Lego Castle Adventure where we were able to see fun Lego creations and even build with large Lego blocks.I am going to do another post focused on just this section,but I wanted to mention it here as well.
My daughter loved  seeing the rings in the Time Tree.It shows events in history and where in the trees life span they occurred.

The Ocean section was fun too.The kids played with several water activities including water spouts,building a water line,making sand walls that eroded when you turned the water on.

They also saw a real submarine which is kept floating in water and were able to get inside and see the controls too.
I enjoyed the neat items made from recycled materials like this chair and butterfly wall decoration

Amazing art made from jelly beans

These are actual fetuses donated by the family of mothers who had died while pregnant.Although this is sad,it is also a great learning opportunity.

Flashback items in the History section.This section covers different decades of recent history and shows equipment,food,medicine and other items from each one.

These are just some of the things we experienced during our trip.There are many more activities and things to see at Cosi,so if you have never been and are close enough to go,I suggest taking a day and exploring with your family too.

 *I also went to the Toledo,Ohio Cosi last summer.It is fun as well, but much smaller and with different features than this one.

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