Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celebrate Birthdays with Interflora

My sister has a birthday next week and I have been searching for the right gift to give her.I need something I can deliver because she lives out of town and I can't drop everything to go there during the week.I don't want anything that will take a large amount of space or be a permanent fixture.She uses minimal decorations so she doesn't have room for it.The most important part for me is that it needs to be quick and easy to send.I hate spending a ton of time on a single gift.After all these limitations,I am thinking flowers would be the right choice.

One of my preferred gifts to receive is a beautiful arrangement of flowers,so I assume others enjoy getting them too.I can pick something that will match her decor,use flowers that I know she enjoys,add a pretty vase and a personalized card to go with it.This is a great way for me to give her a nice gift,yet not have to go out shopping for one.Did I mention that I hate shopping in stores? I love the variety and ease of shopping online and try to stick to that as often as possible.

Deciding on which flowers to get is always the hardest part for me.I usually have an idea of how much I want to spend,so I just have to chose the style and colors I want.I always start by asking myself if I am looking for something simple or something that grabs your eye.There are so many choices that if I don't narrow it down,I will be looking forever.Starting with color works well.I can eliminate the ones that don't work well for the recipient first.I wouldn't send pink and purple to a man,for instance,and I know my sister doesn't like those either.Seasonal colors always offer new selections,and a nice change too,especially if you buy or get flowers often.I know my sister just redecorated her living room and something in oranges and reds might be a nice touch.

There are other factors to consider,like the amount of time it takes to deliver your gift and how long it will last after it is received.I have found stunning flower arrangements before,only to find out they aren't available where I want to send them or they would only live a day or two after displaying.Considering that flowers aren't exactly inexpensive,I want to walk away feeling that I got a good value for my money too.

Although there can be many hassles involved when choosing birthday gift ideas, it is always worth the trouble to see their smile of joy or hear the gratitude in their voice when receiving their special delivery.

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