Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Unreal Candy Helps Unjunk Halloween

Kids love candy.As parents,it can be difficult to let them enjoy this treat they like without cramming them full of sugar and other junk in the process.I do my best to limit how much candy I allow my kids to have,but during the holidays that can be challenging to say the least.

When I was offered the chance to try new candy that had less junk and more healthy ingredients,I knew this could be a plus in our house.Unreal candy is a selection of candy items,similar to some of the most familiar brands,but without all the unwanted junk other candies are full of.This means less worrying over health while still be able to enjoy those tasty treats.

I was sent a selection of each of the 5 flavors of candy to try. Right away,I was drawn to the nougat and caramel variety,while my husband loved the peanut butter cups.I had each of the guests try a sample of every variety to see what they thought about it.The kids had a mix of reactions to these new candy items.Some liked one kind more than another,but they seemed pleased with the results overall.

During our party we had snacks and pizza rolls,juice,crackers,chips,and of course, lots of candy.I also purchased some of the more commonly known candy to compare with the Unreal versions.We tried a taste of the Unreal candy,followed by a taste of the common versions to see what the kids thought of each one in comparison.You can see their reactions to the Unreal version in the videos.

The Unreal candy is the same size I am familiar with and will be available at the same price too.It comes in more attractive packaging and is better for you.I noticed a slight difference in the chocolate itself.The flavor is stronger with more of the cocoa taste coming through.It is not as soft and melty as traditional chocolate either.To me,this just means less mess to clean up later,and was viewed as a benefit by parents with younger children at our party.

As part of my party package,I was able to give each of my guests a cute treat bag to take home.Everyone received information on the candy and it's ingredients,as well as samples to take home and share with others.We all had a great time trying something new,and the parents have found something they can be less nervous about feeding to their children.I know a few moms have asked me where to buy this for stocking stuffers,so I expect many of our guests will be eating these again soon.

***All opinions on my blog are my own and may not be the same as anyone else..that's why they are mine.I received the mentioned items in order to write a fair and honest review along with compensation for myself and to assist in purchasing refreshments for the party.

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