Friday, October 19, 2012

Going to the Circus

Living in a small town really sucks.Yes,there may be some benefits to it,but when it comes to finding something worthwhile to do with the whole family,you are pretty much out of luck.We did manage to go to the circus last week.While it was not my idea of a "real" circus,the kids still had fun,so that is all that really matters.

The first act we saw was this trapeze artist.He swung while standing on his head which the kids went wild over.

The monkey was very popular too.They let the kids sit down by the ring if they wanted so they had a perfect view of this cute little guy running around.

The balancing act was interesting.He managed to stand on a small platform supported by cups on another platform supported by cups,all while balancing on a rolling tube.

During intermission the kids all wanted snow cones

My daughter loved seeing this act.She spun and twirled from a rope by her hands and feet

The unicycle act was funny.The clown added a bit of extra humor.
                               Spongebob and Dora were even on hand for the kids to pose with after the show.

All in all it was a fun day.We bought them each a souvenir to take home to remember this trip.(Even though they will probably toss them into their toy boxes and forget about them along with all the other toys they just "have to have".)

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