Friday, October 5, 2012

Zestra-Essential Arousal Oils for Women

Sometimes it is difficult to find real quality time when you have children.My husband works long hours, the kids have homework,and my house is always full of neighborhood kids or school friends.Sometimes it seems like we have to chat on the phone while he is working to even get a moment to talk,let alone do anything else.

After all that chaos,when we do get time to enjoy one another,I try to take full advantage of the opportunity.I am no stranger to trying something new or a product that catches my eye,so I was excited to be sent Zestra and Zestra Glide for review.

Zestra is an all-natural sexual enhancement product designed to help arousal in women.The mix of botanical oils and extracts starts working in just 3-5 minutes and lasts for 45.This allows women to be able to enjoy themselves fully without any worries over what we are putting on our bodies.Clinically proven and recommended by Dr. Oz,Zestra has no known drug interactions,is hormone and paraben-free and is edible if ingested.Considering all the products available just for men,this is a nice change of pace for the ladies.

I tried Zestra as soon as I had a chance and was pleased with the results.The easy-to-use pump cuts down on usage time and application is as simple as rubbing onto the vaginal area.You can even have your partner help with that for a little added pleasure.I loved the tingling sensations provided by Zestra,without having an overbearing warm or cool feeling that I have gotten from other products I have tried.This can be helpful if you want to keep your Zestra use private.Sometimes men can become offended by thinking they aren't enough to arouse us alone,even though they have no problem using enhancing products themselves.The lack of a warming or cooling feeling means only you have to know that a stimulant is even being used.

If you would like to try this yourself,but don't want to invest a large amount of money on something you have never tried,use the coupon below for a FREE trial pack.Just pay for shipping and give it a go.I bet you won't be disappointed.

***All opinions on my blog are my own and may not be the same as anyone else..that's why they are mine.I received the mentioned sample item in order to write a fair and honest review.No other compensation was received.

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