Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Adult Gift Guide-Strawberry Kiss

Valentines Day is approaching fast.Have you decided what gift you want this year? I never really know what I want for holidays.I have things I like or want to try,but when someone asks me what I want,I never know which to choose.I usually end up just saying whatever they want to get is fine.This year,I decided to be different and make a list of my top 10.This way,when someone asks,I can go down the list and pick one that is suitable.

If you don't have a list,need something to add to yours,or are looking for that perfect Valentines gift,I have a few adult ideas for you from  Good Vibes. Valentines Day is all about love,and they have some great ways to spread it.Like these..

The Strawberry Kiss is perfect for clitoral stimulation.The flexible,curved tip makes this amazing for hitting that perfect spot.I was impressed with how soft it is and how nice it feels.The tip flexes to achieve the perfect angle and can bu turned for a whole different feel.The one-push vibration makes it easy to stop and start,and no messing with knobs or settings.

This comes in a cute clear box and includes replaceable batteries good for 80 hours.The pretty pink color makes it perfect for a Valentines Gift for that special someone in your life.Ladies,drop a hint that this wouldn't be a bad gift..and it can be used together for maximum fun.I have been known to tape a picture to the mirror or text my husband a link or photo to something I want.If I leave it up to him I will probably want to return it...and I will..and he will get upset.So I avoid the drama and just tell him what I like.

A perfect idea for a sexy Valentines Day Gifts is the Key to my Heart Case.This pink heart shaped case is lined in faux-fur and studded with rhinestones and is perfect for keeping your treasures secure.Toss in a favorite toy and accessories for easy travel and style too.It's a heart,it's pink,it holds my toys..perfect! This is next on my list.

***I receive sample items as a Good Vibes affiliate in  order to write a fair and honest review.All opinions are my own and may not be the same as yours***

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