Friday, February 3, 2012


Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney..

I just saw caught the end of a commercial for direct tv ipad! I don’t know much about it what they were saying, but I’ve got to check in to that. My wife and I were just talking about ways to cut corners on the budget, and if I could watch my football games on my ipad, then we could completely do away with our TV! We have a huge, expensive television, that I only even use during football season to watch the games. The rest of the year, it literally sits there collecting dust. We could sell that bad boy, and use that money to pay off some of our debt. I’m not going to mention all this to my wife, yet, though. I gotta make sure my ipad is compatible with that first, but man! That would be great. I tell you what, technology is just insane. The idea that I could watch my games, check my email, pay my bills, and store my pictures all on one tiny little pad is just unbelievable!

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