Saturday, February 4, 2012

School Fundraising PIsses Me Off

I swear,it never ends.The crazy ways companies come up with to market themselves to you.My kids came home from school the other day,each with a fundraising "kit".I say kit very loosely because basically they sent home a booklet of cards and a letter.They were asking us to fill out one of these address cards for at least 7 friends and family members.The cards would then be mailed to the people on them,asking them to buy magazines to support the school.You couldn't mail more than one card to any address,no matter who lived there.The cards had to be returned the next day.You have to fill in name,address,to,from and what you are doing on each card, and if you have two children in the same school,like I do,you get to fill out two of these lovely booklets.All so the kids can earn a Webkinz

Here I am knowing I don't want to fill out these things.I don't know a single person who needs more magazines.My boys have been the top fundraising sellers of their school the past 2 years,since they entered public school.This is the second fundraiser so far this school year and...I don't even like Webkinz.

So today,my hand hurts from filling out 14 damn cards,the boys misbehaved after school.Nobody asked mom if she wanted magazines and here I am..with nothing,while the boys each "earned" a Webkinz.How the hell does that work?

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dina vanessa mercado said...

seems you had very hard day... but i hope everything will turn out well and good this coming week for you sweetie.. kisses!!!