Saturday, February 11, 2012

Camel Back Displays for Trade Shows and More

Spring is coming,and with it will be many more things to do.I am not a cold weather person at all.I enjoy going to things like flea markets,craft fairs and yard sales.You don't find many of those things during the cold weather months here in Ohio unless they are indoors.

I have always wondered where the display booths came from.If you have been to a job fair or convention,I am sure you have noticed some of the backdrops and stands being used.The last time I went to one,I remember thinking how annoying it must be to have to lug all that around with you and set it up each time.I had no idea you could get pop up displays that assemble in minutes.

Using a trade show pop up allows you to transport your booth or display with ease.The pieces for the backdrop are stored inside the case.Simply open the lid,remove the parts,close the lid and add a plastic or wood top for a ready to go podium or checkout stand.The pop up frame piece opens like an accordion in seconds and allows you to hang the fabric or graphic panels on the frame.When you finish,just break down the parts,slip them back into the case and you are ready to go.The case can even be customized with fabric or graphics to match.Use graphic ready options and attach items with Velcro,or take advantage of the shelving or monitor options.

There are a large selection of options and styles of pop up booths available.You can select a custom designed booth with your name or logo on the backdrop and case if you choose.This is a nice way to promote your brand and grab attention. If you are really looking to impress,you could go with the 3D,which are the easiest to set up,or back lit options for maximum effect.Using special lights,panels and a transparency screen gives you a world of options Adding a bubble kit which allows back lit graphics to extend outward gives a whole different effect.

. The possibilities are endless.Depending on your time,space and requirements,there is an option to fit.The next time you have a need for pop up trade show displays,I would consider all the options available.Selecting the right display for your product is essential in grabbing the attention and projecting the image you desire.

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