Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's For Dinner??????

I wanted to start sharing more of my personal life with you. One of the things I like to do most is find new and interesting recipes to try. I guess I can't really call them all recipes, sometimes I just grab whatever looks good at the store and put it all together myself at home. Last night we had honey Mediterranean crusted salmon on brown rice with baby apricots. I made some fried zucchini and onion petals with dip to go with it. All in all it was very good for a totally on the fly meal. I forgot to take pictures though :(

Today I remembered that u wanted to add more food content to my blog, so this is what I cooked this evening. I started with delicious Naan bread for the base. I brushed the bread with olive oil and broiled it for a few minutes. Next, I topped it with yummy sweet and sour chicken. You can make your own easily, but I grabbed this from the deli at Kroger.

I added some pepper and onion mix for flavor

I baked them on a broil rack for about 15 minutes to get crisp and they were done. 

I had grabbed some fresh ears of corn so I wrapped each one in foil, covered it in butter and seasonings, wrapped them tight and tossed them on the grill. 

When they finished, I cut them in half and served them with these yummy grill fried potatoes covered in melted cheese. 

 I drizzled chocolate sauce over some diced watermelon to complete the meal. 

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