Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Handmade Quilts Can Last a Lifetime

A handmade quilt takes many hours of tedious work, but the result is considered to be well worth the effort. While tradition has it that many quilts were made by colonial women, the truth is that few women of that era had the time or the wherewithal to make a quilt. The difficult life of a colonial woman involved many hours of drudgery required to feed and clothe her family. Some women in well-to-do families we able to find time for intricate needlework, but few quilts were made until well into the nineteenth century. By the mid-1800's textiles were more available and life in America was somewhat less of a hardship. This allowed women the ability to sew more clothing and create quilts from the leftover scraps of fabric. Quilting bees became a popular social outlet for industrious women of these early times. Although quilting is much easier now with the use of sewing machines, women still find it difficult to find enough time to make their own quilts. The beautiful bed coverings used in homes now are typically purchased, used with care and often passed on as a treasured heirloom. Donna Sharp Quilts at Linens-N-More.com is a source of high quality quilts offering hundreds of unique quilt designs and styles. Whether searching for a quilt in a traditional pattern, a child's quilt or a unique theme design, Donna Sharp Quilts is sure to have just the quilt you are looking for.

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