Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Zombie Birthday Gage!!

My oldest child, and first son Gage turned 12 last week. He is the biggest Walking Dead fan that I know and, of course, he wanted that to be the theme of his birthday.

He selected a photo of a scene from the show to have printed on his cake.I knew someone was sure to have comments about it, but I always let them choose their cakes, so I went ahead and got it.

The first time they made it, they drew the picture in 3D with icing. It looked really great but it wasn't what he wanted so we had them do another one and it was perfect.

Gage didn't really want much this year, he asked for a tablet and a bunch of drawing supplies, along with a few other small things. He ended up receiving all of the art stuff he wanted plus a huge pack of markers for drawing, some candy, snacks and jerky he likes, clothes, a Nerf Rapid Fire gun, some toys and other assorted gifts and lots of money to get his tablet.

The kids all played in the bounce house and we had a zombie target water balloon game and a water balloon fight. In the end, I think he was pretty happy with everything and he had a great day.

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