Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Waxed Everything With Veet

I hate shaving. I can't stand the whole process of lathering with gel, shaving, rinsing and doing it all again for the spots I missed the first time. It might not be so bad if you didn't have to do it several times a week to stay nice and smooth. My husband loves to rub my arms or legs and feel soft, smooth skin, so it wouldn't be much fun if I were all hairy and gross.

Don't get me wrong, I don't do it for him. I have been shaving everything possible since high school, so it is just a habit that he happens to enjoy. I, however, am simply fed up with doing it. I hate those bumps you get from razors sometimes, and having to slather myself with lotion to avoid dry skin after shaving. I hate the time it takes and the attention required to get every last hair from every last place...ugh.

When I was sent the new Veet wax system to review as a member of Expo, I thought it might just be the answer I needed. Instead of having to apply the dripping hot wax with an applicator stick, all I had to do was plug in the warmer unit to heat. Once done, I just needed to roll the applicator head across the area I wanted to wax. Sounds simple, right?

First let me say that when you do this, especially in sensitive areas, you want to make sure the warmer has fully heated. I made the mistake of rushing it the first time, and let me tell you I wouldn't want to do that again!  Once it was heated correctly, I did manage to get myself all smooth in just a few minutes, much faster and easier than shaving!

Using this really was very simple to do once I followed the directions. I love that the unit is small, has a stand and it works everywhere. I have used it several more times with good results, so I plan to grab a few refills for it soon.

* I received this product to try, as a member of Expo to create a video review for their site. No compensation was received for this post. All opinions are my own.

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