Monday, June 24, 2013

Red Robin to the Rescue

If you follow my blog, you probably read my post about my previous visit to Red Robin. To say the least, I was less than pleased with my experience, but to their credit, they did contact me to apologize and send me a gift card for a future visit. 

It has been a few months, so I decided to go back and see how things went this time. Upon arriving, I noticed they were terribly busy, but we decided to go in anyway. The line was clear, with everyone having been seated or placed on the list, so we were able to walk right up to the server stand. We were told it was a 20 minute wait, and that the manager I wanted, who had sent me the letter, was not working.In the end it only took a few minutes to be seated.

We ordered pretzel bites with the beer cheese dip for a starter. This was a new selection for us, so we were thrilled when the pretzels were soft and the dip was delicious. Brad ordered tea and I got this yummy Cherry Coke. It was made with grenadine, which the waitress told me when I ordered, I assume in case that was an issue. This was delicious and the cherries were even better after soaking for a few minutes..yum!

My husband ordered a Tavern Burger with fries...

..while I opted for the Nantucket Seafood Scatter.

Brad said the burger was great, and cooked exactly as ordered too. The sauce gave it a nice kick and the veggies were nice and crisp. He liked the fries and the fact that the food didn't take forever to reach us like the last time. I was delighted with  the variety on my plate, and that my food was perfectly cooked. I hate overcooked seafood, especially the battered kind. My shrimp and clams were amazing and the fish was just right, not too dry or slimy on the inside. I am not a big fan of fries, but these big, fat ones are a nice change. My only complaint about it at all was the slaw. I really do not care for it. The mix is too crunchy and the dressing doesn't stick well to it, leaving you with a hard slaw that has basically no taste. 

My favorite part of this visit was our server, Jenna. I told her about my previous visit, and my extreme unhappiness with it. Not only did she take time to answer my questions honestly and politely, but she did everything possible to make this visit better than the last. We never had to wait for her or ask for a refill. Every time she passed, she made sure to stop and ask if we needed anything, and when I asked for more of the cheese dip from the starter for my fries, she made sure to get that too. When she had a free moment, she stopped and chatted for a second about our visit and inquired if there was anything else she could do for us. Plus she brought me a box to go, without my having to ask for it, when she saw how much food I had left on my plate.

I was sorry to have missed Paul, the manager from the first visit, but I want to thank him for the chance to come back and try them again. I also want to thank Jenna for allowing us to have a great experience at her table. I was pleased with everything this time and plan to go back and see them again.

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